Jade / ジェード
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First Appearance: Vol. 1, Ch. 1
Status: Active
Nickname: Chairman (議長, Gichō)
Race: Gem
Age: Unknown (younger than Euclase)
Hardness: 7
Family: The other Gems
Occupation: Speaker
Teammate: Unknown (most likely Euclase, but it's not confirmed)

Jade (ジェード, Jēdo) is one of the Gems who mainly works as Kongo-sensei's spokesperson. They've been nicknamed the 'Chairman' (議長, Gichō) by the other Gems.

They're the second place when it comes to being hard to break.

From Character Introduction:

  • A chairman. They're very serious.
  • Recently, they have begun to realize that a prolocutor is nothing but a gofer.


Jade has dark green color scheme and wears either the winter or summer uniform depending on the season. They also wear standard black shoes and gray knee-high socks. Their hair is long and tied on the back like a ribbon.


They are a very serious person. In the manga, their character profile shows them sitting in a formal seiza position with legs tucked underneath. In the anime, they are protrayed more playfully and with humor.

They use a gender-neutral first-person pronoun watashi (私).


  • Phosphophyllite asked them about the encyclopedia, but thought Diamond is more suited after Jade recommend Diamond who currently using new-style of fighting.
  • After the Moon People threw away the mysterious giant shell slug, they supported Euclase's suggestion for Phos to investigate the shell, which lead the youngest being eaten
  • They joined the other Gems pulling out the shell from pond, collecting Phosphophyllite's fragments, and searching for him when he was lost in the sea.
  • They informed Phos and Amethyst about the patrol in an area that has seen many Moon People appearances.
  • They joined the winter hibernation like the other Gems.
  • Jade and the other Gems collected "Shiro" parts together.
  • When Phos' alloy begins to shatter themself into powder, Jade punches them to prevent it from continuing. They feel depressed afterwards.
  • Euclase expresses their concern to Jade over Phos' strange behaviour after returning from the Moon.
  • Jade informs Rutile that Phos and other Gems have gone to the Moon.


Rutile tapped them with hammer without their permission and called them 'The Unmovable Jade/堅牢のジェード'. The other Gems sometimes called them 'Chairman/議長/Gichou'.

Jade thinks Phosphophyllite is 'always getting in everyone's way'. They felt responsible for Phos becoming a slug, but since they couldn't do anything, they left them to Rutile.

Kongo-sensei personally asked Jade to inform them if anything happen during their "meditation" in the Inner Temple. Jade told Euclase that waking sensei up is more of a struggle than fighting the Moon People. It appears that Jade is used to waking up sensei, as Euclase commented that they never fail to wake him up.

Like how other Gems treat each other, it can be assumed that Jade has nice relationship with their other siblings and also likes and trust their sensei.

Gem Info

  • Mineral: Jadeite or Nephrite
  • Chemistry: NaAlSi2O6 or Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2
  • Color:  Green, white, orange, yellow, lavender, black

Jade is an ornamental rock. Two different gem materials, Jadeite and Nephrite, can correctly be called jade. Both are actually metamorphic rocks made up of tiny interlocking mineral crystals. These interlocking crystals make both gems exceptionally tough.

Jadeite comes in a wide range of attractive colors: Many shades of green, yellow, and reddish orange, plus white, gray, black, brown, and lavender (often a light purple or light grayish violet color). The coloration is often streaked or mottled, giving jadeite gemstones an interesting visual texture that carvers can use to create imaginative and intriguing effects.

Nephrite is also accepted as jade in the international gem and jewelry industry. It ranges from translucent to opaque and can be light to dark green, yellow, brown, black, gray, or white. Its colors tend to be more muted than jadeite’s, and they’re often mottled or streaked.

The English word jade is derived (via French l'ejade and Latin ilia "flanks, kidney area") from the Spanish term piedra de ijada (first recorded in 1565) or "loin stone", from its reputed efficacy in curing ailments of the loins and kidneys. Nephrite is derived from lapis nephriticus, the Latin version of the Spanish piedra de ijada.

Confucius the philosopher wrote that jade is like virtue and its brightness represents heaven. The traditional jade flat disc with a hole in the middle, known as a “bi,” symbolizes heaven.Jade is the official gem for the 12th anniversary.

Source: Wikipedia | GIA


  • Jade is usually used as ornament, and Jade's hair is tied like ribbon which is usually used decorate the stone.
  • Based on Ichikawa Haruko's illustration, their teammate is Euclase during patrol duty.
  • They're voiced by Ayahi Takagaki in the anime adaptation.